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The Current Project
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The final assembly of the 2.3 Alfa Monza follows my

normal practice, as can be seen and covered in the

earlier 2.3 Alfa models.  All the parts are fitted in place

with pin locations, and held there with small hexagon

headed screws, in the places expected for the full size

original.  Those parts with visible fixing points on the

out side of the chassis, where a  hexagon headed screw

would be too large for scale, are held in place with

small hexagon headed rivets, secured with a spot of

super glue.

The visible parts of the hood catches are made from

nickel silver and are to scale, but the springs for making

them operable, are hidden inside the chassis frame, or behind the louvred panels.


The plating for the Monza is bright nickel, in this model accomplished with a home plating kit.  The head lights lenses have the lens pattern heat formed on acetate sheet, the die being heated over a flame, just sufficient to leave the die pattern on the acetate sheet with out burning or softening it too much, then the lens is cut out with a circular cutter in a drill press to fit the head light casing.


For those looking for more information on the construction of the Falls of Clyde, I am running a ‘Log’ on the building of it on the ‘Model Ship World’ web site.

Check out < > and search for ‘Falls of Clyde’

Most of the photos will  be the same as here, but there will I hope be more insight into the actual working of the materials and building of the model.

Four photos are added at the start of each month and relevant text on the building.  It should be running for a considerable time to come, and hopefully will not repeat what I have here too much.