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The Current Project
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Gallery-14 - Duesenberg

This final Gallery of photos of the Derham Tourster ‘J’

Duesenberg miniature going together follows my usual

practice, strip, clean, paint and plate, then reassemble,

all of which have been covered before, but I thought that

the series of photos will add to what we already have

through out the other Galleries.

Of particular note is the finishing of the folding top.  Here

it is worked in copper sheet over a hard wood pattern,

then painted to look like fabric.  As I have explained with

the Weinberger, the only other subject that I have covered

with a Top-Up.  This is to spray paint on a low pressure

with a slightly matt paint finish, from a distance away

from the item being painted, so that the droplets are starting

to dry before they hit the surface being painted.  This will give

what is known as the orange peel effect - that in every other case we all try and avoid.

With this top, I took it one stage further, and after several days drying, to be assured of a really hard surface, I very lightly scratched it with a softish brass wire brush - once or twice across, then the same lengthwise.  I am not sure what gave me the idea to take the chance of ripping the paint off, but the effect was to add a fine weave finish to the top  so it now looks even more like a fabric top.  I have since done the same with the Weinberger top and am very pleased with the convincing effect.

The final photo shows two of the three completed Duesenbergs of this series, the second to be covered next month, being the Rollston Convertible Victoria - the paint finish of which is a story in it’s self - watch this space.


For those looking for more information on the construction of the Falls of Clyde, I am running a ‘Log’ on the building of it on the ‘Model Ship World’ web site.

Check out < > and search for ‘Falls of Clyde’

Most of the photos will  be the same as here, but there will I hope be more insight into the actual working of the materials and building of the model.

Four photos are added at the start of each month and relevant text on the building.  It should be running for a considerable time to come, and hopefully will not repeat what I have here too much.